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Case Studies

Vineyard Needs Reliable Affordable Communications

A major Napa Valley grape grower needed reliable onsite communications for all their vineyard operations. The grower was using a trunked UHF radio system at a cost of $400 per month for 10 mobile radios. The system wasn't working very well and did not provide coverage for the vineyards. We proposed a VHF repeater to be located on the vineyard property. Our staff surveyed the coverage and determined that the VHF repeater would provide solid portable coverage through out the vineyard and the Napa Valley. The repeater location required solar power. We designed, installed the solar system and repeater. Since the installation, our customer has paid for the new system in savings over old trunked system.

5 Star Resort Needs Video Surveillance for Remote Location

A major San Francisco Bay Area Spa and Resort needed to watch their Food & Beverage warehouse on a 24 hour basis. "Shrinkage" of premium wines, spirits and high value food items was becoming a serious problem. There was no video in place on the property. We recommended a IP Video Surveillance camera connected by wireless to the Resort's existing Local Area Network. The Camera pans, tilts and zooms remotely from a computer desktop. Video is saved and recorded to a video server for future playback. Shrinkage of stock has been reduced dramatically.

Regional Hospital Needs to Coordinate Security and Disaster Activities

One of the largest health care providers in the bay area had a need to coordinate all of its Security activities from a central location at four campuses. We proposed a central dispatch system using a Remote Dispatch Console. Unlike older console systems which use lease phone lines to connect campuses, we used a VOIP Network based console placed on customers existing Local / Wide Area Network. Result customer has saved thousands of dollars in leased line costs required for a conventional dispatch console.