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IP Video

The digital age has brought many advances in video surveillance and recording. Web cams are very common. The web cam has been refined to a very powerful tool for Businesses in the form of IP Video surveillance.

IP Video is Cost Effective

Most businesses have private local area networks (LAN) and or wide area networks. (LAN) IP Video can simply be added to your existing LAN or WAN. Analog video uses a cable for every camera leading to a recorder. IP Video uses the existing infrastructure, cameras are attached to the LAN or WAN via a RJ45 connection.

IP Video is Simple to use

Once configured, the IP Video cameras re controlled through a simple web interface. PTZ cameras may be operated remotely from the LAN or over the internet. Video recording is set up on a video server with searchable video by date and time.

IP Video Ideal for Remote Locations

Need to monitor a location where cable or wired Ethernet not available? Consider an IP Camera connected to your LAN by a wireless bridge. Saves the cost of extending cables or networks.

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